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LTE-M is picking up steam

September 26, 2018, AT&T Newsroom

We’re realizing the potential of the Internet of Things to connect more things in more places than we’ve ever seen…

As a leader in the connected car space, it’s exciting to see what LTE-M is bringing to the vehicle and transportation ecosystem.

For example, we’re working with CarForce on a global solution that helps car dealerships, fleet managers, and repair shops better manage car maintenance and predict car issues before they happen. It’s vehicle ownership for the modern customer.



August 16, 2018, Hella Newsroom

With the aim of strengthening competitiveness especially for independent workshops, Hella Gutmann Solutions is now intensively studying the subject of "over-the-air vehicle data." "We are exploring the concept of decrypting and assessing additional vehicle information for the benefit of workshops," explains Hella Gutmann Solutions Managing Director Rolf Kunold…

The profitable networking of customer vehicles is performed via the browser-based solution by the North American company CarForce, in which HELLA has acquired a stake. Both, the software and the dongle are being further developed for workshop applications.


AT&T and CarForce Team Up on AI, IoT Service for Car Dealerships Globally

February 26, 2018, AT&T Newsroom, Wall Street Journal, NASDAQ News

AT&T IoT Technology and Platforms, Combined with CarForce AI and Machine Learning Help Car Dealerships Worldwide Better Manage and Predict Car Maintenance…

"Software should be borderless. Using AT&T’s global connectivity and IoT platforms allows us to quickly build and scale CarForce into dealerships worldwide,” said Jessika Lora, founder and CEO of CarForce. “Plus, my team can focus on the software solution, not on logistics.”



February 27, 2018, HELLA Newsroom

HELLA is driving its business activities in the area of digital diagnostic services. The automotive supplier and established partner on the European aftermarket has therefore invested in the Californian startup company CarForce, which has introduced a software solution for transmitting vehicle condition data to workshops.

"For us, the investment in CarForce is an important step to push the digitalization of our workshop and diagnostics business as well as for accessing new business models", says Dr. Werner Benade, Managing Director of the business division Aftermarket and Special Applications at HELLA.



July 12, 2017, LADYBOSS

Q: Where do you see the future of CarForce?

A: CarForce becomes the authority on automotive insights by using vehicle machine learning, developing neural networks, and delivering predictive analytics. Think about this: a lot is going to change in the next 10-20 years with regard to the traditional vehicle ownership model, but perhaps the better question is what will remain the same? What won’t change is that cars, regardless of how many and who they are owned by, will be on the road. As long as there are cars on the road there will be data about those cars, and those insights can be harnessed and disseminated. For users like us, this means using CarForce to keep faulty cars off the road through predictive insights and preventative maintenance...


These 10 auto startups will change the future of transport

June 23, 2017, Mobile Geeks

A large number of international start-ups are starting to change the future of transport. Their algorithms control traffic guidance systems, their inventions increase the energy efficiency of motors, their software protects cars from hackers. We will introduce you to the 10 most interesting companies in the industry...


These 7 startups will help shape tomorrow’s transportation landscape

May 14, 2017, Tech In Asia

The global population is estimated to hit 8.5 billion by 2030, and most people will choose to live in metropolitan areas. This poses a major challenge for transportation and calls for ways to address the needs of the growing urban population early on...These seven startups aim to reshape the future of transportation. 

2. CarForce

The daughter of an avid collector of 1960s Mustangs, Jessika Lora also grew up to be a car enthusiast. Later in life, she discovered her latent passion for big data trends and pursued a Masters in decision theory and predictive analytics. She eventually founded CarForce, a startup that provides US dealerships with real-time updates on the condition of their customers’ vehicles. CarForce is a cloud-based software that enhances customer service and aims to increase customer retention revenue for car dealers...


7 Startups Decamp to the ‘Smartest Place in the World’ to Rethink Mobility

April 19, 2017, Street Fight Magazine

Marketers using mobile phones to connect real-time data and buyer-intention to drive and measure consumer foot traffic is a tired vision of the future from last year … it has more to do with our past than our future. It’s so 2016...


INFINITI LAB Singapore kick-starts Smart Mobility Program with official launch event

April 6, 2017, INFINITI Newsroom

INFINITI Motor Company, Ltd. and Nest, a leading venture capital firm and innovation partner, today announced the official launch of INFINITI LAB Smart Mobility.

The announcement was made at a launch event that brought together entrepreneurs, business leaders, government officials, and influencers alike to meet seven high-potential startups specializing in the areas of smart mobility and connected technology...


The Entrepreneurial Journey: Jessika Lora of CarForce

January 9, 2017, Built In Austin

Our Serial Entrepreneur Series sponsored by IBM is a personal look into what it takes to spearhead an emerging tech company. For our fourth installment, we spoke with Jessika Lora of CarForce about starting her first company and the desire to keep innovating...


Houston auto tech co. receives backing from Uber investor, others

October 4, 2016, Houston Business Journal

Houston-based CarForce has received a seed investment from two Texas seed investment firms, as well as an early backer in transportation tech giant Uber Technologies Inc.

CarForce is a software-as-a-service company that allows the owners of a vehicle to track a number of different maintenance features in a car. The service is designed for a car dealership leasing vehicles who want to track the upkeep of a vehicle without having to run regular reports or calling the leasee to bring the car in...


Term sheet: venture capital deals

October 3, 2016,

CarForce, a SaaS solution that provides car dealerships with real-time connected car telematics, has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Digitech, Seed Sumo and Jason Calacanis...


CarForce Collects Funding For Connected Car Systems

October 3, 2016, Texas Tech Pulse

Houston-based CarForce, a developer of connected car services for vehicle dealerships, has scored a round of funding, according to one of its backers, Digitech Venture Capital Fund. According to Digitech, CarForce has raised a round of funding from Digitech, Seed Sumo, and angel investor Jason Calacanis...


Digitech Invests in Connected Car Company CarForce

September 30, 2016, Business Wire

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Digitech Venture Capital Fund, Inc. (Digitech), alongside technology incubator Seed Sumo and Jason Calacanis (early investor in Uber), makes a landmark investment in the IoT for connected cars. CarForce was founded by a former eBay Motors executive and has a stellar advisory team. CarForce has already made a name for itself in the tech community, from winning Global Entrepreneur of the Year presented by IBM at LAUNCH Festival 2016 and Mobility Startup of the Year at SXSW’s Hatch Pitch 2016...


CarForce, the connected car company, wins IBM SmartCamp and more partnering with IBM Global Entrepreneur

June 14, 2016, IBM Global Entrepreneur Newsroom

The CarForce success story.

According to Gartner, by 2020 there will be 250 million connected cars on the road. Auto manufactures have been building cars with connected capabilities for decades with services like real-time traffic updates and road-side assistance call buttons. Yet many of these cars sit unconnected and offline. In the meantime, they are collecting massive amounts of data. Jessika Lora, the founder of CarForce, is on a mission to make use of all this untapped data to improve the driving and ownership experience. Saddled with a passion for cars and data analytics, Lora set out to create a company that would be uniquely positioned to tackle the big data questions for drivers, dealerships, manufacturers and more. CarForce’s first offering is an enterprise SaaS solution powered by the IBM Cloud that allows franchise dealerships to see service opportunities in real-time...


Wow! Check out these Entrepreneurs Changing the World around the Globe!

September 24, 2015, Social Business Sandy

This week we wrapped up our local SmartCamp events in some major cities and did we see some talent on the stage pitching! Here's this week's round up of innovators. Congratulations to these great startups for advancing to the next stage...


CarForce Won the IBM SmartCamp Austin Pitch Competition

September 19, 2015, Silicon Hills

CarForce, a connected car startup, won the IBM SmartCamp Austin 2015 pitch competition last week at Capital Factory. CarForce provides a hardware diagnostic device that plugs into a car’s dashboard to allow dealerships to know when the car needs maintenance...


Entrepreneurship is on the Rise in the Brazos Valley

May 14, 2015, KBTX TV

Seed Sumo is a business accelerator helping start-up companies reach their goals. More than a thousand start-ups applied for their help. Right now, they're working with what they think are the eight best...


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