case study & user TESTIMONIALS

How CarForce Helped a Workshop Increase Their

Parts & Service Revenue by 2.5 Times!

In 2015, a large Nissan dealership in Houston, Texas, took a chance on a then small startup, CarForce, to help with their parts & service revenue, customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention. What happened next was unexpected (at least for the dealership).

After testing 300 vehicles using the CarForce technology and platform, the Nissan dealer saw their average annual customer spend on repairs increase almost 2.5 times from $231 to $532! This led to a $90,300 service income increase; money that would have been otherwise left on the table while 93% of their customers opted in to being apart of the CarForce test, increasing customer loyalty and retention.

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User Testimonials

See from our customers on their own experience with CarForce and how it immediately impacted their business needs!

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