What can you do with the CarForce platform? Take a tour and watch CarForce in action with the basic step-by-step instructions, demos and video tutorials below.


Connect a Vehicle

Get to know the basics of your CarForce dashboard in this short video.

Learn how to easily connect a device to a vehicle and add your customer to your dashboard.

Vehicle Details

Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Take a closer look at customer and vehicle details and how to take advantage of all its features.

Understand how to navigate any diagnostic trouble code firing as well as unique insight into the history of your vehicles.

Service Timers

Service Notes

Be on top of any future service repairs by customizing service timers by job and odometer.

Keep track of all of your information and details during any event like service repair, added or deleted labels, and workflow status.



Know how to navigate your settings quickly and efficiently.

Improve work efficiency by creating labels to categorize your customers into different groups.

Workflow Phase Labels

Using the Workflow Management System

Stay organized by creating custom workflow labels for every vehicle repair job process from sending the estimate to vehicle delivery.

Learn how to use the workflow management system and stay organized during the entire vehicle repair job process, from start to finish.

Marketing Platform

Driver Mobile App

Create and push customized marketing offers directly to your entire customer network, adding more incentive towards building retention and loyalty into the palm of their hands.

Get a better understanding of the CarForce Driver Mobile app and how your driver sees their vehicle data, trip logistics, service alerts and direct communication back to you.